We specialize in audiovisual communication, multimedia, mobile, and new technologies.

With over 10 years of experience, dao & Co organizes its products offer within a structured group of 4 business sectors.

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Engineering office specialized in CAD/CAM Telecom, Construction ...

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Computer graphics studio oriented towards new technologies, 3D, Real Time 3D, Oculus ...

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Realization of Institutional Films, Educational, Informative, 2D Animations, Motion Design ...

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Creation of Digital Tools, Apps. for Smartphones and Tablets, Android, iOS, Windows Phones, websites ...

The expertise and know-how of our design office has allowed us to build strong relationships with our national and international clients by developing their increasingly sophisticated innovative tools, and specifically adapted to their needs.

The collaboration of our subsidiaries and the skills of our teams enable us to work in various sectors, such as energy, environment, oceanography, space, medical, educational, construction, food, and more ...

We can help you develop the communicative approach of your projects in order to strengthen the identity of your business.

  • Project management of design Assistance
  • Templates creation
  • Land surveys and project implementation
  • AutoCAD files 2D - 3D Plans
  • Administrative Files
  • Cartography
  • Software Creation
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  • Telecom site, optical fibers...
  • Environment, Construction...
  • Civil Engineering...
  • Paper Drawings Scanning
  • APS – APD – DP – PC – DOE...
  • PC Folder and DP, Cerf...
  • SIG
  • Interactive soft of land surveys
  • 3D Animated Films
  • 2D Animated Films
  • Motion Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photomontages and video montage
  • Video Scribing
  • Fx (Special Effect)
  • Real 3D visual impact study
  • 3D Real Time Application
  • Land Survey Software
More Informations
  • Telecom, Optical Fibers...
  • Integration of Future Project
  • Static, Dynamic...
  • Marketing Presentation
  • Landscape Impact Tool
  • Educational and Corporate Movies
  • Project Monitoring and Consultation Movies
  • Reportages - Documentaries
  • Advertising
  • Websites
  • E-learning
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Educational Tools and Resources
  • Capture
More informations
  • Definition of needs
  • Recommendation, Execution
  • Mobile Apps
  • Posters, Flyers, Books...
  • Caméra, Multicam, DSLR...
  • Drones, Steadycam, In-Board
  • Marketing Consultancy
  • Use-Case Studies
  • Personalized Support
  • Communication Strategy
  • Action Training
  • Technical Audit
  • Application and Software Maintenance
More Informations
  • Help with the decision...
  • Audits, Requirements Definition...
  • Writing Specifications...
  • Production Supervision...
  • Softwares...
  • Methods...
  • Research Methodology ...
  • B2B B2C distribution applications distribution...
  • Licenses management, Hosting, machinery parks