DAO Conseil

Produces Websites, digital Tools, Applications for ANDROID and iOS tablets and online tools hosted on secure servers (EUCLYDE) and developed under different technologies (PHP, .NET ...)

DAO Conseil has become over projects, the privileged partner for the design, the development and the distribution of digital products, online training and assessment tools, people & business performance tool, training planning, monitoring & reporting tools.

We help our customers in developing digital tools to accompany their training, organization, reporting, … in other words: facilitate and optimize their projects.

  • Marketing Consultancy
  • Use-Case Studies
  • Personalized Support
  • Communication Strategy
  • Action Training
  • Technical Audit
  • Application and Software Maintenance
  • Help with the decision...
  • Audits, Requirements Definition...
  • Writing Specifications...
  • Production Supervision...
  • Softwares...
  • Methods...
  • Research Methodology ...
  • B2B B2C distribution applications distribution...
  • Licenses management, Hosting, machinery parks

Notre équipe

  • F.Etcheverry

    Agency Director
    Dao Conseil
  • D.Noël

    Graphics Designer
  • P.Chollet